Is Europa Casino worth the trip?

Is Europa Casino worth the trip?

Europa online casino was established in 2018, under the umbrella of the company Universe Entertainment Services Malta Limited. The latter defines itself as an ultra-professional company and very knowledgeable in the field of online casino games. Europa casino online is also C$2500 welcome bonus, ultra diverse game library with super attractive wagering possibilities, reliable and secure winnings, very responsive player support and plenty of other gifts to discover. Europa casino has everything it takes to compete with these online industry brethren and that’s what we’re going to prove to you.

The bonuses that you will find at Europa casino online

Europa Casino Bonus

As for the bonuses that you are going to find at Europa casino online, they are very numerous and very captivating. First of all, you get a welcome bonus. There is a 100% bonus for a height of 200 C$, which means that in case you bet 200 C$, you are going to benefit instantly from an extension exactly equivalent to your bet, that is 200 C$. Note also, that with this bonus offered you have access to all the game categories that you like. One of the major assets of this welcome offer is that you can take advantage of it as soon as you create your player profile and throughout the first twelve months that follow, to increase thereafter is become a monthly extra bonus. Effectively, at the time of your first bet, you get the benefit of an equivalent monthly bonus that is spread over 12 months, consuming a qualifying bet. Therefore, a 100% advance for a C$200 bet is only waiting for you during this payout period at the beginning of each month for a year. Add to that, you get aweekly bonus of C$30, to thank you for your dedication and loyalty. This makes you a total of the nice sum of 3000 C$ accumulated during the year and which you can enjoy as an extension for the following days. Afterthe first wager, Europa online casino gives you the chance to enjoy more of the various games by offering you more and more winnings with its second wager bonus. For the second deposit you will receive a 60% discount up to a limit of C$600, and in order to take advantage of it, it’s very simple, you just need to make a bet equivalent to C$30. Independently of all these bonuses, a multitude of other bonuses are also put to good use with the sole purpose of pleasing you. So you have:

  • A wager every Tuesday, gives you the opportunity to enjoy 50 free spins on your favorite games;

  • Loyalty club, which makes you enjoy all kinds of discounts depending on whether your loyalty points have increased or not;

Of course, all these bonuses will be poured into you to the extent that you wager, and you earn C$10 on every 200 points won.

The promotions that you will find at Europa online casino

Europa online casino never ceases to surprise us with promotions that are just as captivating:

  • A loyalty bonus

  • A Refer a Friend program

  • Regular tournament pools

Note that the Europa online casino bonuses are not unconditional, but that’s not the end of the world either.

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